Jeong-Hwa Choi b 1961


B.F.A. Hong-ik University , Seoul , South Korea


2007 Elastic Taboos , Vienna Kunsthalle, Vienna, Austria; 2006 Gwangju Biennale - The 1 st Chapter/Trace Root , Gwangju, South Korea; Singapore Biennial - Special Project Vivocity , Singapore; Believe It or Not , Ilmin Museum, Seoul, South Korea; Scape Biennale - Art and Industry , Christchurch, New Zealand; 2005 Milan Triennale, Milan, Italy ; Seoul: Until Now! , Charlottenborg Exhibition Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark; Venice Biennial, Korean Pavilion , Venice, Italy; 2004 Liverpool Biennial - Lime Station , Liverpool, UK ; 2003 Happiness , Mori Art Museum, Roppongi Hill, Tokyo, Japan; Flower Tree , Lyon Biennale, France ; Korean Artist Exhibition , Biz Art Centre, Shanghai, China; Time after Time , Yerba Buena Center for the Art, San Francisco, USA; Happy Together , Kagoshima Open Air Museum, Kagoshima, Japan; 2002 The 8 th Baltic Triennial of International Art , Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania; Orient. Extreme , Le Lieu Unique, Nante, France; World Cup Art Soccer Korea and Japan , Gwangju Biennale, South Korea; 2001 Yokohama Triennial , Japan ; Lunapark, Stuttgart, Germany;

During some period of the Korean cultural history in the modern era, the wholesale acceptance of the Western influence sometimes resulted in what to Western eyes would seem grotesque, unbalanced and sometimes banal. But it was from these that Jeong-Hwa Choi found his inspirations for his works. More than any other artist of his generation, Jeong-Hwa Choi is keenly aware of this complex multi-layered cultural scenery, and he draws his inspiration not from smooth blend, but from the rough collisions of these varied influences, translating the grotesque and banal to artistic brilliance.

His works can best be described as creating an x -scape, where x can be a room, an interior, building or a city. In this exhibition, he creates x -scapes within and outside the Asia House building, using sofas and tables (cafe t), chandeliers (spiral staircase) and larger-than-life lotus flowers, that most eastern of Eastern flowers, reproduced in binary colours (outdoor roof). Seeming easily accessible to the audience but also providing an enigmatic and often frustrating view of contemporary art in Korea , Choi Jeong-Hwa's works will be embedded in the space and fabric of Asia House building in such a way as to invite and excite the public




NO LOTUS ( 2006)
Waterproof cloths, ventilator, motor and controller
400 (d) x 140 (h) cm (ea)
Courtesy of the artist

Plastic baskets 80 (d) x 500 (h) cm
Courtesy of the artist



Curator's Thoughts

Kyuchul Ahn

Duck-Hyun Cho

Jeong-Hwa Choi

Yeondoo Jung

Beom KIm

Jiwon Kim

Sora Kim

Yongjin Kim

Yong-baek Lee

Meekyoung Shin