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Timeless Journey: Hand Made Time

18 May – 31 Aug 2012
MCM Hong Kong
Flagship Store

German luxury brand MCM is delighted to present the TIMELESS JOURNEY: HAND MADE TIME, a media art exhibition of contemporary media artists with New York based artist Jaye Rhee & German artist Torsten Lauschman in Hongkong for the first time.

MCM’s first media collaboration is titled as “Timeless Journey: Handmade Time” which define the simultaneously dance between boundaries of the analogue and handmade, seeking a creative meaning of eternal ‘time’ by both Rhee and Lauschman. Both artists were inspired MCM travel heritage and translate the spirit of Zeitgeist into modern language, which represents MCM’s cultural cross over between art and fashion.

Jaye Rhee, New York-based international artist presents MCM logo artwork using hourglasses created for MCM while Torsten Lauschmann introduces video made of a functioning digital clock. The hourglass symbolizes eternal values of MCM ‘Timelessness’, which was shoot in real HD images, made in mosaic/grid format, restructuring the logo of MCM while digital clock presents ‘hand crafted time’.

“MCM is very pleased to showcase the media art piece in Hongkong for the first time and we are very glad that we preserve the work designed by one of the today’s greatest and contemporary artists.” remarked Sungjoo Kim, Chief Visionary Officer of MCM.

The exhibition is going to unveil for the first time during the HongKong art fair in HongKong MCM Haus and artists talk and opening party will be held on 18th of May. The exhibition will last until the end of August.