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London Underground

19 Sep – 18 Nov 2001

Sungkok Museum of Arts, Teipei Museum of Arts (2002)

The common denominator of most metropolitan cities is the underground system. Underground in London is a space open to all; from the Director of a business to those living on benefits, the underground does not distinguish social class. Moreover it is a space where blockbuster films, musicals, pop concert and operas are aligned with equal respect.

“London Underground” seeks to explore this space where popular culture and classic culture intersect as a cross sectional of the post-modern era, poetically linking the characteristics of contemporary art.

Thirteen emerging artists from Goldsmtih, the birthplace of the yBa, RCA (Royal College of Art) and City University will be showcasing their works. Different in their background, ages, gender and mediums of work ranging from installations and video art to paintings and photography, all the artists hold one thing in common – the strong inclination of conceptual art.