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The Taste of the House

20 Apr – 8 Jun 2004
Norway Korean Ambassadorial Residence

EGO (Ewha Goes Overseas) is a unique exhibition series that utilizes the Korean Embassy worldwide to stage contemporary art. Sequel to first EGO project The State of the House held in the England Korean Ambassadorial Residence in 2002, The Taste of the House will take place in Oslo, Norway.

Refurbished by a profound Norwegian architect Jan Horvick in the late 1970s, the Ambassadorial Residence in Oslo has a postmodern finish. Surrounded by a forest, the residence reminds viewers rather a minimalistic sculpture, than a house. This ‘house’ is not only a political territory but also a ‘specific space’ secluded from everyday life and people, in that it is a place only welcomed by invitation.

The works showcased in The Taste of the House response to this exclusive characteristic of the ‘house’. The restrictive conditions of the residence on one hand create conflict with the works, but the tension on the other hand creates a conceptually intriguing layer. That is, the ‘house’ acts as the underlay for the artists, and to the audience it serves as an experience of tension though the process of over-layering.