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9 – 30 April 2005

Ewha Woman’s University,

Ewha Arts Centre

Comprised of the words ‘tell’ and ‘tale’, the ‘Tell-tale’ is a reference indicator or a sign which clearly signals that something is about to happen. TELLTALE weaves various narratives into one stream of thoughts.

TELLTALE is intricately involved in each narrative of 10 artists who are active in international contemporary art market and their interrelation. Postmodernism made it comfortable to deal with the notions of time and space at the same time. After that, the trend of art has led most of works which are related with individual narratives, not about the issue of ideological metadiscourse. In international art field, it has become a major trend. These individual narrative works make the issue possible to be into public narratives of human life, beyond the national, cultural and social barriers.

These understanding and stream of narratives in contemporary art is a trial to explore that how these trends work in the 21c international contemporary art as a certain indicator. Furthermore, TELLTALE offers an opportunity to consider the direction of the trend.