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Until Now!

1 Jun – 21 Aug 2005
Charlottenborg Exhibition Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark

SEOUL: UNTIL NOW! focuses on developments of a particular city, as a scene and as a site. It follows the art scene in Seoul from the early 90′s but has its focus on the present, at the same time as it allows the city itself to be mirrored through the art.

City of Seoul is one of the world’s largest cities. It is fast, vast and confusing, and full of contradictory impressions. It is not exactly a beautiful city. In fact, many times quite to the contrary. It takes some time to uncover the qualities of Seoul. It is a maze with many detours and short cuts, where conformity is interrupted around every corner. The same could be said about the contemporary art scene in Seoul. Just like the city itself, its developments have been rapid. Mostly the contemporary art scene begun to evolve only after the process of democratization had started in the late 1980′s. From the early 90′s and on, Korean artists were already emerging on the international scene. The exchange with the art world outside of Seoul has been in a constant flux in recent years, making the city the probably most dynamic art scene in East Asia today.

SEOUL: UNTIL NOW! covets layers not easily seen in the city, through projects made by artists. History, architecture, city planning, youth culture, social aspects as well as gender and identity issues are present, while urban realities are used and examined from various approaches. Documentary methods and material are used and twisted in highly personal ways, while the city and its contemporary realities have passed through a number of spatial, formal and metaphorical considerations.