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Exposed: Black Box
& Crystal Ball

Debating Chamber, London County Hall, LG i-gallery, Harrods Department Store

This project presents work by twenty video artists, from Korea, China, Taiwan, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Estonia and Norway. In terms of cultural origin and artists various age, experience and recognition EXPOSED: black box and crystal ball brings together emergent artistry with the internationally experienced and well known. They have been selected by unison of the surreal and magical characteristics of their works.

EXPOSED: black box and crystal ball is exhibited and located outside the ordinary gallery setting and instead integrate its visual wonderland as a show-reel through large LCD and Plasma displays at highly known economic and commercial surroundings around London, with its main venue to be, the LG i-Gallery at Harrods Department store.

The second part of the title; black box and crystal ball, relates to the manner of the video works to be shown. As the name suggests; through modern technology, screens which are exclusively modern and desirable commodities, we show works which convey contemporary visual poetics and other-worldliness, utilizing the screens as the window to the world beyond the real.

EXPOSED: black box & crystal ball has been selected as part of the official program for THINK KOREA 2006, Celebration for Korea/Britain official Friendship Year 2006 project.