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Soft Power

2 Aug – 14 Sep 2007

Korea Foundation Cultural


Soft Power sponsored by MBC International Woman’s Forum Committee is organized to celebrate the International Woman’s Forum. Two contradictory words, ‘soft’ and ‘power’ merge together to create a neutral yet imperative word –  Soft Power, the exhibition title. The phrase coined by Joseph Nye of Harvard University, is now widely used in international affairs as the ability to achieve goals through attraction rather than coercion or payments; it arises from the attractiveness of a country’s culture, political ideals, and policies.

This exhibition explores the concept of soft power in a cultural context through the works of contemporary artists of the same era. The artists have retained their themes yet have not lost the flexibility of re-interpretation; that is through the notion of centrifugal and centripetal the exhibition solidifies ‘women’s soft-power’ in political, economic and social perspective. More importantly, the sensibility and flexibility of women is not defined only within the feminist art, but through a more diverse dimension reinforcing the femininity within the ‘soft power’.