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Welcome! – Choi Jeong Hwa

23 Jun – 1 Sep 2007
Wolverhamton Art Gallery, Wolverhamton, UK

Welcome! is a fitting complement to Wolverhampton Art Gallery’s permanent collection of Pop Art – one of the largest in the English regions – which occupies the Gallery’s new extension, opened in the entire gallery. Welcome! asks why objects are worthy of collection. It also explores the value of popular, mass-produced and commercial objects. Choi’s ‘fake museum’ concept continues throughout the gallery with whimsical interventions by the artist appearing within Wolverhampton Art Gallery’s permanent collections.

Choi Jeong Hwa is an artist concerned with the fundamental functions and roles of art. He explores the theme of this exhibition by bringing together a unique mixture of objects and works from twenty-five other contemporary Korean artists, from the collections of Wayne Hemmingway and Stella Mitchell, New Art Gallery Walsall, The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, the Frank Cohen Collection, The University of Wolverhampton and Wolverhampton Art Gallery’s own collection. These objects, including work by Korean avant-garde artist Lee Seung Taek, Andy Warhol, Joe Tilson, Gavin Turk, Vladimir Tretchikoff and Margaret Keane, will be juxtaposed against work from emerging art students, Egyptian sculpture, Victorian genre painting, African hair combs, and contemporary furniture by designers Pottinger and Cole. The unusual combinations of old and new, unknown and established, manufactured and bespoke create an alternative context in which the original value of the objects is questioned.