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5th Liverpool Biennial : Fantasy Studio

20 Sep – 30 Nov 2008

A Foundation, Liverpool, UK

The 5th edition of Liverpool Biennale is different from the past editions in that it has commissioned numerous ambitious new works from leading international artists, with about half of the 30-40 of them being displayed in the public realm.

Fantasy Studio Project presents works of seven Korean contemporary artists, who each had been provided with a studio within A Foundation’s complex of converted factory and warehouse spaces for the period of the Liverpool Biennial. Rather than literally reconstructed the individual artists’ permanent studio, each created a ‘fantasy studio’, which attempts to re-interpret the exhibition space as a location where practices ‘bleeds and blends’ with the venue itself.

Combining elements of a number of traditional exposition formats: the group show, the residency, the performance, the national showcase; Fantasy Studio attempted to explode the confinements of each, generating a new set of problems and intricacies. Through this process, Fantasy Studio explores the changing nature of the studio within artistic practice, and addresses the alienating effect on audiences of transposing ideas generated in one culture onto another.