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Eating the City

4 – 19 Oct 2008

Hyundai Department Store,

10th Floor Lobby

Since 2003 Song Dong has recreated, out of biscuits and sweets, 8 major cities including Beijing, Vienna, London, Shanghai and Barcelona, and in October 2008 he will build his 9th city, Seoul, Korea.

Chinese conceptual artist Song Dong explores the issues of transience, perception and the ephemeral nature of existence. Dong builds a city out of biscuits which will later be destroyed and consumed by its viewers, reflecting the concerns regarding the rapid development of urban cities and loss of its older infrastructure in the face of relentless expansion. Without copying a particular town, he merely follows the town planning of the present day to create a delicious expression of a serious issue.

Invited to organize a special exhibition for the MBC International Woman’s Forum, curator Jiyoon Lee explores the notion of ‘Woman, the Leaders of Development: Constructing Diverse and Sustainable Future’ through the works of Song Dong, and suggests that we should embrace the political issues and work to together to ‘develop and construct’ for a better future.