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Lost & Found

9 Jan – 7 Feb 2009

Rokeby Gallery


Lost and Found curated by Jiyoon Lee examines how the forgotten elements of traditional art and aesthetics have been rediscovered and employed, by introducing works of six contemporary Korean artists.

The introduction of Western Modern art and Modernist aesthetics to Korea in the early part of the 20th Century led to the division in the art world between those who held on to the traditional East Asian cultural values, and those who embraced Western Modernist values. Although the former dominated the art world in the first part of the twentieth century, it was the latter group that prevailed in the post-war years; a time that was characterized by rapid recovery and industrialization alongside an almost blind following of Western culture and values. This waning of the traditional art values inevitably led to a decline in knowledge and the practice of cultural values and aesthetics well known to previous generations. However, with the advent of contemporary art in the 1990s, Korea saw the re-discovery and re-application of the traditional cultural values and aesthetics by a younger generation of artists, albeit mediated through sensibilities that were profoundly different from the earlier generation of artists.