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Palazzo Zenobio Venezia,

Veneziam Italy


AttaKim: ON-AIR, curated by Lee Jiyoon and Lee Sunk Suk ,was proposed by Arte Communication (Director Paivi Hannele) to the 53rd La Biennale di Venezia (Director Daniel Birnbaum) in July 2008 and confirmed to be shown at Collateral Events. Atta Kim is the second Korean artist for Collateral Event after Lee U-fan in 52nd La Biennale di Venezia in 2007.

AttaKim: ON-AIR presents two main progressions of the ON-AIR cityscapes. The first series shows cityscapes of busy metropolitans, which is, at a glance, seemingly without signs of life or movement. By taking 8 hour exposure photographs of a single view point, Kim’s photo captures permanent structures of the city but anything else. Moving and living features in the scene such as flags, people and cars fades behind blurs and time-compressed views. What Kim also captures is the organic nature of the cities.

While the first series shows a temporal compression of a cityscape, the second series, which Kim has entitled ‘Indala’, shows a combination of temporal/spatial compressions of a cityscape. Photographs in the ‘Indala’ series have been taken in Moscow, Berlin, Prague, Paris, Rome, New York, Tokyo, Deli, and Washington since 2007, layering 10,000 images of each city which subsequently created one final image. This series seems more conceptual/abstract then representational, until one finds that it was created by superimposing exactly ten thousand photographs that Kim took during his walkabout in the city.