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TransReal: My Hometown

29 Sep – 17 Oct 2009
Asia House

TransReal: My Home Town presents the works of Sea Hyun Lee and Jin Kyung Lee, two leading practitioners of painting medium in Korea who have begun to use this medium in a way that seems to be free from the forms and formality of Western aesthetics.

TransReal: My Home Town is a reaction, and an exploration of this reaction towards the seemingly increasing acceptance of the transient and subjective nature of reality and truth. The exhibition begins with two contrasting Landscape paintings from these two artists. The mountains and hills they portray seem to stand at the edge of existence. In recent interview, Sea Hyun Lee commented that it was the hills of Korea that have formed his genes. Jin-Kyung Lee’s painting contains similar sentiments. Mountains and hills in Korea were the places where she worked and lived for the last ten years of her life. Thus, mountains form part of their identities, the basis of their life, and became foundation of their works.