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Believing is

10 Nov – 17 Dec 2011
Ffotogallery, Turner House, Plymouth Rd, Penarth, CF64 3DH

Believing is Seeing introduces seven Korean artists who adopt different approaches to contemporary photography or photography-based work. The exhibition looks at some common themes in contemporary Korean photographic art – its performative nature, ideas of duration and transience, nature and constructed reality, memory and illusion.

The term ‘Junsinsajo’ is used in traditional Korean portrait painting, meaning the replication of a person’s shape and spirit. Through various image-making processes, this idea endures in contemporary photography through the rendering of a model’s shape, personality and catruging of their spirit, as well as physical likeness. Believing is Seeing features artworks that are based on ‘Junsinsajo’ and in various ways queastion athe notion of ‘Koreanness’. The work featured in the exhibition also demonstrates the ‘natural ambiguity’ of the photographic image in that the portraits are no longer just depictions of people, they have a reality of their own and become a screen onto which the viewer projects their own relationships and emotions.

David Drake of Ffotogallery says “Our motivation for bringing the work of these artists to Ffotogallery is to show how distinctive and original contemporary Korean photography is – influenced by global contemporary art trends but remaining deeply rooted in Korean culture and traitions.”

Believing is Seeing is co-curated by David Drake at Ffotogallery and Jiyoon Lee from the SUUM Academy & Project. Project funded by Arts Council Korea and Wales Arts International.