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Sylvie Auvray: Souvenir

April 16 – June 16, 2011

artclub1563, Seoul

Sylvie Auvray creates paintings and ceramic sculptures based on “personal memory and remembrance.” The aura certain places possess is a very important subject matter to the artist who has been moving back and forth between Paris, London and LA. The figurines and anonymous images she collected while traveling have not only been used as materials but also as a great source of inspiration.

In her work, snapshots from the past are reborn as scenes of the present. Through her work, Auvray brings to life the characters in the imaginary world she created. Even though they are of new and fancied species, they seem very familiar. The tension and mysterious atmosphere that surrounds Auvray’s work originates from her unrestrained imagination, which combines familiar cartoonish characters and strange landscapes.

As the artist’s first solo show in Asia, the exhibition includes twelve paintings and seven ceramic sculptures including the works Auvray exhibited in 2010 at Le Consortium, a contemporary art center in Dijon, France. Totem, one of the sculptures, is made of eight ceramic lumps piled on top of each other. Each lump is different animal’s head or torso, and the work is a stunning representation of Auvray’s art. About 20 ceramic pendants from her jewelry line are also exhibited. The highlight of the show will be the charcoal drawing that reinterprets the space of artclub1563.