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Hiraki Sawa: Did I?

June 25 – Aug 25, 2011



Hikari Sawa is an internationally recog-nized Japanese artist, who currently lives and works in London. For his first solo exhibition in Korea, Hiraki Sawa will present 3 big screen video installations. The works will be played consecutively on a series of screens. In addition, Sawa will convey his sensitivity to ideas of circulation and movement by 4 other works.

Hiraki Sawa’s visualizations juxtapose landscapes of domestic setting with everyday familiar objects, using a delicate synthesis of digital video, photo-graphy, and camera technique. His incorporation of miniatures into domestic landscape is an example of such visualization. In Hiraki Sawa’s poetic scenes, a new spatiotemporal place is expressed in the meeting point of the real place, and the symbolic place which the artist has endowed with his own meaning: a narrative about the transience of reality, and the ephemeral nature of existence.

The original idea of Did I? derived from his interesting personal experience. One day, one of his friends suddenly had the amnesia, just after awakening from a 25-minute nap. In Did I?, recalling the memory with the friend, Hiraki Sawa visualizes his unique dreamlike landscape where the ambiguous boundary between the actual experience of an event and the perception of it in our memory is dissolved into a new spatiotemporal space. Also, showing the process of erasing his pre-made drawings, he delicately juxtaposes the narrative of ‘the existence and the disappearance’ with the ordinary space in our everyday lives.

His imagination vitalizes the everyday ordinary space through his original artistic expression and provides the viewer the fresh landscape in which the real and the imaginary are uniquely mixed. In appreciation, the viewer is swiftly moved from a playful and childlike fantastic world in fairytales to an ambiguous world where our logic of everyday lives is given away. This whimsical, dreamlike and endless journey induces viewers into surreal area and makes him/her enjoy the moment of peaceful refreshment there. There, all the boundaries are dissolved and everyday logics are newly drafted.