Shin’s ongoing project ‘Translation’ is about the process of transference and re-cording of shapes and iconography across cultures through time and space. Shin has developed her concept of translation when the native and latterly acquired backgrounds of her artistic training in Korea were given a new perspective by moving to Europe. Shin’s soap versions of ancient classical sculptures and oriental porcelains relate to their ‘translation’ between East and West – how this inter- cultural transport affects the way they are understood and aesthetically appreciated. The Parthenon frieze felt uncomfortable in British Museum, uprooted from its history and original surroundings, such as the light, air and wind. It came to be represented in different way. This led Shin to think about the shift in locality and how the shift might cause distortion by the possible lack of the cultural understanding. Using malleable soap as a medium, Shin has been re-creating historical artifacts and works of art representative of certain cultures from a modern point of view, in a process akin to translation.

Shown for the first time in Korea, ‘Ghost Series’ is a series of seemingly fragile, translucent soap porcelains. These translucent Asian porcelains resemble Italian Murano glass and they present familiar sense of difference.

The four colored porcelain bottles are made from the mold Shin created and sculpted afterward. Through recreation, the artist not only finds new aesthetics and interpretation, but goes a step further to examine the spirit of the many artists who created the original works of her models.

In Translation – Ghost Series, exhibition, Shin will present rough and damaged Greek sculptors with fine porcelains also includes six statues that was originally exhibited next to a sink with the invitation to wash ones hands. This process led to its erosion from public usage, after which the works were exhibited like an historical artifact.

Meekyoung Shin lives and works in Seoul and London. She obtained her BA and MA in Sculpture from Seoul National University. She also studied at Slade School of Fine Art in London. She has participated with her ongoing project Translation explores the process of transference and re-coding of forms and iconography across cultures in time space at the Tate British museum in 2004 and 2007. She also participated in many group exhibitions including Korean Eye Saatchi gallery, memory of the future Leeum museum, Samsung Museum of Art, recently she has had solo exhibition in Haunch of venison gallery, London. Meekyoung Shin has received attention from both England and Korea including numerous international exhibitions, and recently showed in the Venice biennale.