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Je Baak: The Structure of

Sep 11 – Oct 7, 2010

Je Baak’s practice is his way of translation of Zen Buddhism in contemporary context. Rather than using traditional oriental visual elements, he tries to give audience a chance to experience the moment of enlightenment that we are very familiar with. What he suggests is to see the truth behind the scene by twisting things or situations, employing various methods. His pieces are funny but sad, familiar but uncomfortable, spectacular but empty. As a Zen practitioner himself, his process of creating art is a part of his own Zen practice.

The Structure of presents a concept that there are only two artificially generated extreme emotions – FEAR and PLEASURE – which people can feel on thrill rides in an amusement park. By making collages of all the different types of thrill rides, Je Baak creates figures that generate extreme emotions, the emptiness among them and the endless repetition that changes thrill into pain. They look beautiful yet scary, enjoyable yet painful at the same time.