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Zaha Hadid_360°

Preview Exhibition 3.11 – 3.26
Design Experience Zone

Main Exhibition 4.4 – 5.31
International Conference Hall



Organized in celebration of the opening of the Dongdaemun Design Park, is an exhibition which explores Zaha Hadid’s multidisciplinary approach to architecture and dynamic application of her creative energy in other fields. By presenting outcomes of her innovative collaborations both as an architect and as a ‘creator’ in this show, it is hoped that the visitors could learn about the potentials of the DDP as a cultural hub and as a reservoir of creativity.

Since the 1980s, Hadid has been engaging with diverse methods of applying atypical forms and visual language to an architectural design. With the development of computer technology and engineering system, it has finally become possible to realise many of Hadid’s experimental and futuristic designs. What is more interesting is that all of her collaborative design products (also shown in this show) not only serve their designated functions, but also act as her architectural prototypes.

The exhibition begins the moment one steps inside the building. While the DDP building itself is a work by Hadid, products such as shoes and necklaces presented in this exhibition are also the outcomes of creative collaboration with other industries such as UNITED NUDE and Swarovski. By introducing a wide range of projects, genres and works of different scales, reveals the multidisciplinary practices of Hadid.

The first part of the exhibition focuses on the relationship between Hadid’s unique architectural language and that of the industrial design. In particular, the content of the show relates to the ‘Seoul Fashion Week,’ which is due to be held at the DDP as an opening event. On the other hand, the sequel exhibition, starting from April 4th, will encompass preparatory documents, drawings and architectural models used for the development and creation of the DDP. It will also include a film which introduces computer drawings of all the key designs proposed by the architect in the past 30 years.

Zaha Hadid’s works has a scale-less quality. Although an architect, and hence engaged with the largest scale in which we impart changes to our surrounding, she originally studied mathematics in university, a subject which has no implicit sense of scale, only that of abstraction, logic, form and space. For her, geometry, mathematics and abstraction of Arabic calligraphy have tremendous connection to architecture.

It is then no surprise that she would be interested not only in architecture, but also in other fields of study and application that involves manipulation of form, space and dimension. One of her first projects, with London as its backdrop, was originally represented in a form that was closer to a painting than an architectural blueprint and heavily influenced by works by Malevich. Her presentation of Peak Leisure Club is an accurate and exacting architectural representation, but can also be seen as a beautiful art form.

However, to say that Zaha is only interested in form and shape does not do her justice. She is also passionate about how those forms engage and interact with us, and how they are applied. The labels to the outcome of these two seemingly incompatible passions i.e. that of form, logic and abstraction, and that of engagement and application, is almost secondary and accidental.

is thus an exhibition which introduces the results of these collaborative, experimental and multidisciplinary practices of Zaha Hadid. Ranging from works as big as the main building of the Dongdaemun Park to something as small as a jewellery design, the exhibition brings together a significant body of works by one of the foremost architects of our time.

Text by Jiyoon Lee

All Photography by KDK (Kim DoKyun)