Art Project:

Art Project: SUUM’s primary focus is the production and curation of critically acclaimed exhibitions and cultural events for audiences in Europe and East Asia to explore reciprocal developments of visual culture in a global context.

Curatorial Art Exhibition
Based on research of transnational context for the contemporary art in the global age, SUUM is organising various cutting-edge contemporary art exhibitions as well as conferences. For the last 10 years, we have been working as commissioners for international biennials, museums and significant international art events using London and Seoul as centre.

Public Art Management
We aim to experiment with new and fresh approaches to engage diverse group of public using unique and innovative types of public art which encompass media and installation art with numerous contemporary artists, designers, and architects.

Corporate Art & Cultural Marketing
SUUM believes in Art as a crucial component in building bridges between value and people’s lives. SUUM designs art & cultural marketing projects and gives consultations for companies who would like to add value by creating art initiatives such as cultural donation programme, art marketing, and public value creation programme.

Collection Advisory
SUUM provides a collection advisory service, based on professional knowledge and experience in contemporary art and its market. From private to corporate collection, we aim to meet the tendency and objective of the collection. We also, provides an advisory service for establishing non-profit art organisations and museums.